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My name is Aaron Gullickson. I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Oregon. I am also a demographer by training, a total data science nerd, a git evangelist, and an open science advocate. I am also currently co-editor of Socius, the open-access journal of the American Sociological Association.

Most of my empirical work uses large scale census and survey data to look at issues of race mixing or racial ambiguity. I examine racial classification, identification, interracial marriage, and life outcomes by race. More recently, I have begun studying religious identity as well, particularly among the growing number of people with no formal religious affiliation. Since I started using git to track my research projects, all of my research projects are available publicly as git repositories on Github.

I am trained in a variety of statistical programs, but I almost exclusively use R in my work these days. In addition to my research, I teach a first-year graduate sequence in statistics that focuses heavily on the practical issues of data analysis. I also teach a course for Code Horizons specifically about using GitHub for Data Analysis.